Dewplayer is a small flash mp3 player
that is very easy to use.

Create a player, put the player codes on your website or blog, and let the music play ! Dew player works with one song or a whole playlist too!!

Multi Rect240x20

This is the easiest way to put mp3 audio files on your web pages !
This flash animation is very light and easy to use. It downloads and plays the mp3 file when the play button is pressed.

Dew Player Code Generator


URL of the MP3 file*


Upload Your Mp3s Here

(mp3 song url)

* separate URLs with | (pipe).
Example : /media/sons/test.mp3|/media/sons/test2.mp3

Url of XML Mp3 Playlist

Upload Your Songs and Get XML Playlist Here

(must be valid xml)

Volume  % (volume=...)
Auto start autostart=true
Loop autoreplay=true
Random play randomplay=true
Time display (mm:ss) showtime=true
No cursor nopointer=true


All options can be added to the parameters flashvars="option1=value1&option2=value2" or after the .swf file URL dewplayer.swf?option1=value1&option2=value2.

Default volume volume=100 With value between 0 = silent and 100 = maximal
Auto start autostart=true Plays automatically when the player is loaded
Loop play autoreplay=true Plays the same file at the end of the playing
Random play randomplay=true For the players with multiple loaded MP3s
Timer minutes:seconds showtime=true Display the durations in mm:ss
No cursor nopointer=true Disable the cursor on the seek bar
Playlist xml=playlist.xml Load the XML playlist (XSPF format) for players that can load multiple files
Fading fading=3 No gap (seconds) between one track and the next one, for players that can support fading

JavaScript controls

You can use custom JavaScript functions to control the player features (dewplay, dewstop, dewset, dewgo, dewsetpos, dewgetpos...). The javascript option needs to be enabled in the HTML source code (eg. : javascript=on).